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  • First, surround your art or pictures with interesting mats and frames. Black frames add a bold touch so don’t shy away from them. Pictures have a greater impact if the mat is a contrasting color to the walls. If you’re working with a grouping, experiment with various shapes. Even colorful kitchen accents can have an air of importance when clustered together.

    Consider framing several pictures together using a single mat and one frame to get more for your money. For inexpensive artwork, try using vintage postcards or book illustrations. When it comes to hanging, first figure out the center of your wall space. Then you can size up where the art will go. Usually the center of the picture should be eye level or slightly above.

    Step 3: Consider Picture Hanging Strips
    If you’re concerned about making a mistake, look for picture hanging strips that feature interlocking fasteners. The double-sided fasteners are first attached to the art and then stuck to the wall. Then by simply pulling off the artwork and separating the fasteners, you can adjust until the art is straight.

    Always check the weight usage of picture hangers and pick appropriately for various sized artwork. When hanging an arrangement, lay pictures or artwork on the floor and play with combinations before attaching to the wall. You can also use craft paper to make templates of your art.

    Step 4: Choose Among Various Patterns
    Simply trace around each piece and then place your patterns on the wall to see if you like the layout. You may want to consider instead of hanging your artwork on a mantel of shelf leaning it up against the wall.

    A large blank wall is the perfect canvas for a large painting. When hanging art above a piece of furniture, make sure it’s shorter than the width of the furniture. Smaller pieces work great in a bathroom and add design personality.

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